Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sickness Care

I am greatly concerned about the present Health Care bill(s) being proposed in Washington. They call it Health Care but it actually is sickness care. It has nothing to do with staying health but everything to do with what happens after you get sick.
Will what is proposed keep you healthy? No. Will it keep you from getting sick? No. Will it keep you from dying? No. Senator Kennedy is a good example of that. He had the best insurance in the country. He had the best medical treatments available. Yet he died.
But you can do some things that will keep you healthy and prolong your life. Diet and lifestyle changes will keep you healthy and prolong your life. Reducing stress. Removing animal products from your diet will remove about 70-90% of all sickness and disease! Getting plenty of vitamin D3 will help. Drink the proper amounts of water each day. Get sufficient rest each night. All of these will actually do more good than a lot things being proposed today.

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