Monday, October 18, 2010


I am seeing more and more people in the last few months who are having lots of digestive issues. They often complain of pain, cramps, diarrhea etc. after eating. In talking with them I find that most of their problems occur after eating animal protein with starchy vegetables. The reason why this causes pain is that the digestive enzymes for starchy vegetables and animal proteins are different. When eaten together the enzymes cancel each other out and hence the pain, bloating etc. For example: do not eat steak and potatoes or rice at the same meal. Do not eat a hamburger with the bun or chicken and rice at the same meal.
Non starchy vegetables can be eaten with animal protein with no problem because there is no conflict between the digestive enzymes. You can eat starchy vegetables with non starchy vegetables or non starchy vegetables with animal proteins, just no starchy veggies with animal proteins.
Something as simple as combining the foods correctly brings great results in the G.I. tract.

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