Friday, September 23, 2011


The disease-fighting profile of apples provides a multitude of health benefits, including a potential decreased risk of cancer and heart disease. Several recent studies suggest apples provide health benefits such as lower blood cholesterol, improved bowel function, reduced risk of stroke, prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes and asthma.

A 2001 Mayo Clinic study indicated that quercetin, a flavonoid abundant in apples, helps prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells. A Cornell University indicated phytochemicals in the skin of an apple inhibited the reproduction of colon cancer cells by 43 percent. The National Cancer Institute has reported that foods containing Flavonoids like those found in apples may reduce the risk of lung cancer by as much as 50 percent.

Two recent British studies indicated that eating apples can improve lung health. A Finish study published in 1996 showed that people who eat a diet rich in Flavonoids have a lower incidence of heart disease. Other studies indicate that Flavonoids may help prevent strokes.

Apples are a delicious source of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber helps aid digestion and promotes weight loss.

So the nursery rhyme says, “An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away” and has been proved to be more fact than fiction. So, eat lots of apples!

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