Wednesday, February 2, 2011


According to the Bible, humans are composed of three parts - spirit, soul and body. Each of these have an influence on ones' total well being. The body needs foods that nourish it and exercise that allows it to be strengthen. The soul - mind, will and emotions - needs to be committed to a purpose (will), channeled in the right direction (emotions), renewed to truth (mind). Spirit - that innermost part - needs an intimate relationship to God. If any of these are not where they need to be there exist an opportunity for disease (dis-ease) and the person becomes un-well.
Some people eat a good diet and get plenty of exercise and yet are still not well because of their thought life and failure to control their emotions. Still others leave out the most important part of all, which is a right relationship with God.
God is interested in what you eat, but also in what is eating you! He is interested in your daily life and its' activities, but also interested in what you do with what He has provided for you to be and do in this life!
So, how about it? Are you a whole person?

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