Monday, March 28, 2011


I am often asked what I believe to be the most important thing to do to be healthy. There are so many important things, it is difficult to settle on just one. So, I will give you a few things that are necessary.
1. Drink plenty of water. Take your weight, divide it by two and drink that many ounces per day.
2. Eat a plant based diet. Eat predominately vegetables and alkaline fruits.
3. Deal with your stress levels. Get plenty of sleep and rest.
4. Exercise. You need both resistance and aerobic exercise.
5. Most people need to take a good multi-vitamin. Some need to take larger than normal amounts of vitamins C, D3, E and fish oil.
6. Control your thoughts. Many problems are the outward manifestations of uncontrolled thinking. Zig Ziglar calls it "stinking thinking."
7. Learn to forgive yourself, others and make sure you are right with God! To fail to do this negates most of the benefits of the others.

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