Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eliminate Dairy? Dr. Rodney Brampton

Eliminate Dairy from Your Diet

I can hear the screams now. How am I supposed to get calcium for my bones?

Do not fear, the calcium in milk is not bio-available; it is hooked to a substance that keeps it from being absorbed by the body. To break this free from the carrier we need eight stomachs. Since we are not cows we do not have the ability to do this. We are the only mammals on earth that drink the milk of another mammal. You may say but what about kittens? Ask a vet and they will be the first to tell you that cow’s milk is bad for cats. It makes them vomit, that’s why they actually have kitten milk. You see Cow’s milk is designed to take a 80lb calf and grow it into a cow in a few short months. When we introduce this to a human it causes all kinds of problems. For instance, in kids it is linked to type one diabetes, allergies, asthma, obesity and bed wetting. As far as maintaining bone density it has little to no available calcium, besides the fact that it is very acidic by nature. When a substance that is acidic, is put into our body, the body has to find away to balance its PH. The most efficient way for the body to do this is to actually leach calcium out if the bones. Eek…. Dairy is really bad for us besides the lack of nutrition it is full of hormones that are at concentrations and strengths far beyond what any human should have not to mention the antibiotics. A couple good alternatives are almond and coconut milks. They have close to the same nutritional and caloric values with none of the other junk. Stay away from Soy milk.

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