Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This condition is a precursor to heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and several other illnesses. What is done lap disease? It is when your belly fat "done lapped" over your belt! This morning driving to work I saw a shirtless man who was obese trying to jog. His belly fat was flopping in the wind. Not a pretty sight! But more than that, it was an unhealthy sight!

There is a rule of thumb that says for every 10 pounds of fat in the front around the waist, it causes 50 pounds of pressure in the low back. Have you ever known of a pregnant lady who had low back pain! This is the reason why.

So, how do we overcome it? The following list of things will help you overcome this condition:
1) Take your weight and divide it by two and drink that many ounces of water per day.
2) Start walking every day. Begin by walking 1/4 mile per day and gradually increase it to where you can walk up to 5 miles per day.
3) Quit eating after 6 p.m. or let there be at least 3-4 hours from the last time you eat until you go to bed.
4) Eat a limited amount of good fats. They include flax seed oil, and some fish oils (krill). The good oils are those with omega 3 fats. Animal fats should be excluded.
5) Eat a plant based diet instead of a meat based diet. You will loose the weight, feel better, sleep better and overcome most of your aches and pains.
6) Cut down on your starches and simple carbs.

I challenge you to begin to do these things and watch the Done Lap Condition go away!

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